Giging and playing


June 26, 2011

Friday night’s gig with Dave Morgan and Bob Bowen was FUN!!! We just jammed on old standards and had a ball.  A group of people from New Orleans came in and made the gig extra special. They danced, tipped well and even bought one of my CD’ s. Dave and Bob played circles around but  made made me look good.

Saturday was Aurora’s day with me all day. We went to the mall and visited Marc Baskind at Hayden music, played on the escalators, bought her a new pair of sunglasses ( she threw her last ones out of the car window) ate lunch at the co-op, came home for a nap, went to the playground, watched Scooby Doo on DVD and after a bath ( she poured a pitcher of water on the floor of the bathroom) went to bed. What a day!!!!

Sunday I was back at the Hotel Roanoke’s Regency Room playing solo piano for brunch. Tips were unusually fat!!

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Born and raised in New Orleans in 1942. Married with two children and one grand child First degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate
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