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New Orleans

August 20, 2011 My home town just keeps trying to pull me back home Facebook tapped me on the shoulder with ‘ People who grew up in Gentilly’ and ‘You’re probably from the Westbank if …..’. Vince Vance’s video ‘ I Am New Orleans’ … Continue reading

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August 12,2011 Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Is MIDI in or is MIDI out? MIDI used to be in, but then it went out for awhile. It didn’t  stay out  because some musicians just went THRU a phase where they thought MIDI … Continue reading

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This and That

August 6, 2011 Somedays you’re the statute, somedays you’re the pidgon. Somedays you”re the windshield, somedays you’re the bug.  Someday  I’ll be the sky and the river.

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