Memory Lane

Here’s a great project, that will fill you full of gratitude and reminiscing:

Try to write down all the friends you’ve ever had – from memory.

No address book, no phone, no Facebook. Just memory.

Remember all those people you met and connected with that made a difference in your life. It’s amazing how many are still in your head.

childhood friends you haven’t seen since you were 8.


old crushes and flings

random encounters with great conversations

There are some you’ll remember who don’t remember you. (There are some you’ve forgotten who remember you well.)

I did mine chronologically, walking through my life from past to present. What a trip.

Some are dead. Some might be. Some have changed their names. Some hate me.

Some day I’ll be dead, and this will still be posted. (A reverse funeral! The dead remembering the living. Wow.)

To those listed here: I remember you off the top of my head, think of you fondly, and you permanently affected me, even if we haven’t talked in years. If you find this some day when

googling your name, contact me to say hello.

Jim Esposito
Lois Landry
Frank Federico
Travis Davis
Abby Mobile
Steve Benton
Larry Huff
Richard Arceneaux
Ronnie Larmieu
Joe Armand
Marsha McQueen
Al Farrell
Joe Barry
Ronnie Barron
Mac Rebennack
Freddie Stahlie
Mike Nicosa
Mike DeMary
Aloma Powell
Anne Franke
Nicky Baudean
Joe Lambert
Tex Liuzza
Chipper Laughton
Bobby Lonero
Wayne DeVillier
Benny Grunch
Cosimo Matassa
Allen Toussaint
Ellis Marsalis
Sidney Snow
Don Stevens
Linda Sparks
Jay Burid
Frankie Brent
Johnny Newmeyer
Alex Keller
Joyce Carrington
Joey Long
Joe Martin
Phil Davis
Mike Ella
Flip Shoemaker
Bob Bowen
Bob Thomas
Max Landey
Eddie Thomas
Chuck Cooper
Ramona Painter
Rex Caudwell

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Born and raised in New Orleans in 1942. Married with two children and one grand child First degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate
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2 Responses to Memory Lane

  1. Dana King Richmond says:

    I Googled you a few times, but tonight found you—the keyboard was on your website, and you listed Little Joe as a friend.

    I’m Dana King from NO–70′s–waitress at the Bistro–married and divorce with 2 children—moved to Oregon in 1975–remarried for over 30 years—2 grandchildren and 1 on the way.

    I hope you’re doing well. It’s wonderful to see that you are married with children and grandchildren.

    I was only back to NO once in 2002–the internet wasn’t so prevalent then. Wish I could have seen you play and introduced you to Mike.

    Be well, and if you are ever in Oregon come see us. It was so nice to see that you are still around and playing music.

  2. admin says:

    Isn’t it nice to meet old friends after so many years!! I remember Lil’ Joe spoke to me about you and the strong friendship ya’ll had. He was a unique spirit and I still miss him dearly.
    I have a new CD that will be released next month entitled “My Life’. One of the songs is a tribute to Lil’ Joe. I hope you will give it a listen and leave a comment.

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