“Style” CD Credits

"Style" Classic Favorites with a New Orleans Touch

Classic Favorites with a
New Orleans Touch

Thanks to all the Hotel Roanoke’s Regency Room musicians who
have contributed to this project and made this recording possible:

  1. Chuck Cooper – Bass
  2. Barney Dean – Drums
  3. Jeff Hoffman – Bass
  4. Brian Holt – Bass
  5. Ronnie Law – Drums
  6. Jimmy Lax – Drums
  7. Bob Macklin – Trumpet
  8. Lenny Martin – Bass
  9. Lew Morrison – Bass
  10. Bob Peckman – Drums
  11. Charlie Perkinson – Bass
  12. Lawrence “Gabs” Reynolds – Bass
  13. Coleman Tinsley -Bass
  14. Roger Shew -Bass
Hotel Roanoke &  Conference Center

Hotel Roanoke &
Conference Center

A complete list of musician’s credits  and bios are included

inside the CD tray card, along with dedications and specials thanks list.

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