The Gumbo Band – Bob Peckman, Drums – Marc Silva, Bass

Down the road & Mojo Hanna

Live at Big River Festival, July 2015


A short video preview and audio sample of “My Two Baby Grands” ( Track 9 ) on the new “My Life” CD.

Two Baby Grands

Video preview and audio sample of “Workin’ Man” ( Track 4 )  from “My Life”. This is a tribute to my dad,  Captain A.P. Landry.

Workin’ Man

The story of my roots in the bayou country of South Louisiana. (Audio sample of  Track 10, “My Life” )

Kajun Kin

Words and music by Jimmie Landry – photos by Flipshoe

Silly Face

Words and music- Jimmie Landry        Photos – Flipshoe


Video footage from the 2006 Landry-Breaux-Daigle- family reunion in Picyune Miss. and photos by Flipshoe. Music by Jimmie Landry

Old News

Text – Alex Keller            Music – Jimmie Landry          Photo art – The Landrys


Music and Message

Text- Alex Keller    Music – Jimmie Landry   Photos – The Landrys



3 Responses to Videos

  1. Anne Alford says:

    Love what you have done w/ the web site. We have left south Alabama. Will call you soon or e-mail. Love to the family. Hope you are all well. As always, your #1 fan. . .

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Anne. We have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Recognition1000 says:

    Gifted in many ways, I uncover aspects I never suspected. Depth, I knew was there but you have hidden well from me. Engaged and staged, I hear a dialogue.

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