September 4, 2011

Silence is my Master

Can’t you see? 

When I close my mouth

It speaks to me.

It serves as Master to my God.

It seems most helpful for a child.

Its’ golden gleam surely catches the eye.,

The high that Gods like to see,

 For like a child,

It speaks to me.

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MP3- Her Name Is Love

September 3, 2011

LOVE is the first, the last and always cause that ULTIMATELY made and STILL

makes ALL things happen. What YOU LOVE YOU WANT. What YOU WANT YOU

try to get. TRYING takes WILL and WILL causes things to HAPPEN.

                                     From “I AM MY I”         Alex Keller  1973

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New Orleans

August 20, 2011

My home town just keeps trying to pull me back home

Facebook tapped me on the shoulder with ‘ People who grew

up in Gentilly’ and ‘You’re probably from the Westbank if …..’. Vince Vance’s video ‘

I Am New Orleans’ grabbed me by the heart and then I started reading Harold Battiste’s

‘ Unfinished Blues….’ and I really got that old time feeling and craving for some

red beans and rice.  But its all just a big gumbo world we live in and I’m just glad my roots

are still somewhere in that New Orleans  pot.

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August 12,2011

Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Is MIDI in or is MIDI out? MIDI used

to be in, but then it went out for awhile. It didn’t  stay out  because some

musicians just went THRU a phase where they thought MIDI was out. MIDI will

never stay out because there will always be some musicians who will use it

just to stay in.

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This and That

August 6, 2011

Somedays you’re the statute, somedays you’re the pidgon.

Somedays you”re the windshield, somedays you’re the bug.

 Someday  I’ll be the sky and the river.

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Back to the Dojo ( Almost out of Retirement )

July 29, 2011

After attending the senior  black belt class as a student, I fell into helping the staff of AFK by teaching some one hour classes. While this is not officially coming out of retirement, it is honoring my black belt oath to share what I have learned with others and a chance to improve my public speaking chops. 

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My piano heroes

July 21,2011

 Beginning with the Classical Masters my piano heroes come and go through the years.I started out with Art Tatum, Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk. I went through a period with Oscar Peterson, Horace  Silver, Ramsey Lewis and Joe Zawinul. I jumped on the band wagon with Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett. I took a side road and got into Jimmy Smith for a while, but I came back and found Bill Evans. I had always kept an eye on Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller and Scott Joplin. I loved Louis Moreau Gottschalk and then started checking out James P. Johnson, Bud Powell and Billy Taylor. So many more pianists are in that group its hard to name them all. When I was in high school I was in a quartet that mimed Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen”.  His pianist, Johnnie Johnson, was in that class with Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis. But being born and raised in New Orleans, my all time greatest heroes will always be Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint and Ellis Marsalis. Mac Rebennack and Art Nevillie, I count as friends along with unknowns  who taught me and helped along the way. Guys like Ronnie Barron,Wayne Devillier and Al Farrell never did make the “big” time, but are still a part of what I am. But after all is said and done there is one pianists that ranks as number one on my hero list. That man is the one and only Ray Charles. I had the good fortune to see Mr. Charles in person only five times, but each event is etched in my brain and memory banks. Each performance I attended was a religious experience. The list of great pianist is long and filled with giants. I hope that one day I will be remembered as one musician who strived to be as good as some of those greats. That alone will be an honor and all the fame I need.

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Mountain Country

July 19,2011

Living here in the Blue Ridge Mountains is quiet and peaceful, and most of the time quite beautiful. As I look out my window I can see deer, rabbits, squirrels, blue birds, mocking birds,woodpeckers, red birds, turtle doves, and once in a while a possum or groundhog. Yesterday I had to pick up a turtle out of my driveway and now and then a black snake will come around our yard. This morning a RATTLE SNAKE WAS CURLED UP ON THE STEPS IN FRONT OF MY MOTHER-IN-LAW’S FRONT DOOR. )

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Living and Loving Life

July 17,2011

The every day routine of life can be dull OR…… full of loving and living for the simple joy of  just  being.

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Music and Karate


July 10, 2011

You can take this musician out of  being a karate instructor, but you can’t take karate out of this musician. I’ve been teaching karate too long to forget about discipline, honor, spirit, respect, excellence, attitude, commitment and pride. Along with my Cajun blood and my New Orleans style music, a Karate man is what I am.

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