My last day as a Karate Instructor




June 24, 2011

My last day as a karate instructor at American Freestyle Karate . When I finish teaching at 6 PM I go to the Hotel Roanoke to play a trio gig in the Regency Room with Dave Morgan on vibes and Bob Bowen on bass. And so begins a new phase of my life as a full time musician for the first time since 2006. Now I can write and record original music, market it on the web, play live gigs and just try to make a living.

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Born and raised in New Orleans in 1942. Married with two children and one grand child First degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate
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2 Responses to My last day as a Karate Instructor

  1. Steve Lilly says:

    Jimmy, this blog sounds like I wrote it! Just substitute “Insurance agent” for “Karate Instructor” and the rest is exactly where I’m at. I guess 2004 was the last time I was making a living as a musician. Congrats to you and good luck, too!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Steve, I’m really a rookie at this blogging stuff and on line marketing. Its so much more fun just to jam and have fun playing. I’m learning about the business side of on line music the hard way, from the bottom of the pile.

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